The best car interiors

With drivers spending more than a day a year sitting in traffic jams, we reveal the best car interiors in every class

They say it’s what’s inside that counts – and new research suggests that car buyers are really taking that to heart, prioritising an appealing interior over price, exterior styling and fuel economy.

What Car? asked 4000 consumers what they look for when choosing a new car, and more than half (56%) of those polled stated that a relaxing and quiet driving environment is crucial.

Almost as important is the quality of the interior finish, with 55% citing this as a priority. Fewer were concerned about price (54%), exterior styling (47%) and fuel economy (44%).

Brand and resale values were important to 34% and 25% respectively, while 19% of drivers rated connectivity features (such as Bluetooth and a wi-fi hotspot) as a crucial factor when buying new. Just 15% cited CO2 emissions.

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