The Audi e-tron is great news for Tesla drivers

Tesla may have had the early bird advantage in electric cars, but while increasing competition from vehicles like the new 2019 Audi e-tron may give Elon Musk’s business plan a headache, for drivers it’s all good news. The new electric SUV won’t just headline Audi’s new electric car strategy when it arrives in dealerships next year: it’ll also mark a turning point in a new EV infrastructure that’s great news for Tesla drivers too.

Tesla did its prep work when it launched its electric car business, not only developing the cars but the Supercharger network to recharge them. Even today, it’s a feat unmatched by any individual automaker. While we’ve seen a growing number of pure-electric and plug-in hybrid models on the roads, they’ve all relied on third-party infrastructure from companies like ChargePoint and EVgo.

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