The 2019 Bentley Bentayga V8 does the unthinkable

Eyebrows were raised when Bentley announced it was making an SUV, but the Bentayga proved the skeptics wrong. Weaving together performance, luxury, and unmistakable curb presence, the only thing it lacked was subtlety. Now, with the arrival of the 2019 Bentayga V8, it’s getting a little brother – one who may just overshadow the original altogether.

Since the Bentayga’s debut, of course, we’ve seen numerous super-luxe SUVs announced. Stablemate Lamborghini has the Urus, underscoring the “Sports” in SUV; Rolls-Royce has gone to its own extremes with the Cullinan. Even Ferrari is getting in on the action, though its Purosangue won’t arrive until 2022.

There’s no understating how important the Bentayga is to Bentley. The SUV is the automaker’s best-selling model, after all. You might, therefore, expect the next target to be even higher echelons of luxury, but you’d be wrong. Actually, Bentley wants to make the Bentayga more attainable.

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