The 2018 Lamborghini Huracan Performante doesn’t want to kill you

“Don’t crash.” Two simple words, but with a lot of emphasis when you’re talking about the brand new 2018 Lamborghini Huracan Performante. The line-up of professional drivers responsible for coaxing faster and faster lap times – not to mention more and more trophies for the automaker’s awards cabinet – currently facing me does nothing to disabuse the knowledge that, on a track, I’m a novice at best. Suddenly, the idea of planting a raging $280k supercar into a wall seems all too possible.

Lamborghini, it’s fair to say, markets its fearsome reputation well. In age when a Bugatti Chiron can take you to 261 mph with little more than a shrug, while Ferrari has become the de-facto choice for the Riviera GT jaunt, the raging bull promises nothing but pure, unbridled aggression. The Countach may be long behind us, but its spirit lives on.

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