Tested: 2020 Kia Forte GT Puts Value Ahead of Sportiness

Kia’s new GT model has the right looks, the right specs, and an attractive price, but other front-drive compact sedans deliver more driver engagement.

The ophthalmologist’s assistant, masked for COVID-19 protection, handed my repaired glasses through the driver’s-side window of the Kia Forte GT and stepped back to take in the white compact sedan. “I’m looking to buy a new car, something sporty,” she said, shaking her head in approval. “What is this?”

It’s easy to see why it took her but one glance to pick up on the Forte GT’s vibe. With its blacked-out trim and aggressive front end, low-profile Michelin Pilot Sport 4 summer tires wrapped around racy 18-inch alloy wheels, and subtle rear deck spoiler that looks borrowed from a BMW M2, the GT comes across as purposeful and, yes, sporty. 

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