Tesla Model 3 Performance and AWD specs, price, and Musk’s big boast

Elon Musk has revealed the key specs and pricing of the Tesla Model 3 Performance version and the AWD Model 3, as well as throwing down the gauntlet to one of BMW’s most popular track cars. The outspoken CEO got chatty about the specs of the two most eagerly-anticipated variants of the more affordable electric car on Twitter late on Saturday, as the automaker put the final touches on the configurator.

Until now, Tesla’s production line has been focused on a fairly limited array of options. The automaker chose to prioritize a single core configuration, in fact – the rear-wheel drive, extended range version with the Premium cabin upgrade – with a handful of extras available, in the hope of streamlining production. Those who live in areas prone to snow and icy conditions, however, or simply wanting more speed had been left waiting for more potent versions. Now, they’re arriving.

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