Skoda Octavia RS v Subaru Levorg 2.0GT Comparison

An internal email recently did the rounds asking the entire CarAdvice editorial team to discuss daily-drivers we’d love, but which aren’t produced.

Skoda Octavia RS v Subaru Levorg 2.0GT Comparison

The answers to this straw poll revealed a surprising penchant for hotted-up wagons that combine loading space, cool design and spunky performance.

Fortunately, we need not furnish this market with hypotheticals, because there are some exceptionally good hot wagons on sale. Two of the newest and best are tested here.

In one corner is the Subaru Levorg GT. The company insists this all-wheel-drive, turbocharged model is not a WRX wagon per se, but that’s how most people are going to perceive it…

In the other is the Skoda Octavia RS, the Czech company’s top-seller here. This Euro brand may not be on many shopping lists yet, but it inspires devotion from a vocal few.

And if you’re after a practical car that that offers performance edge and left-of-centre appeal compared to a boring SUV, then this pair are the front-runners. But which is best?

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