Roidmi 3S Review: Is This Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter a Winner?

Bluetooth is everywhere and it’s become the standard for wireless streaming of music. However, many people drive older cars that don’t have Bluetooth built in.

Replacing your car’s headunit with a Bluetooth-enabled car stereo is the best option but that can be pricey. However, the $13 Roidmi 3S aims to solve that problem by streaming your phone’s music via Bluetooth using your car’s FM radio.

Is it worth it? Keep reading my Roidmi 3S review to find out.

Roidmi 3S Review 01

What is the Roidmi 3S?

If you’ve ever wanted to add Bluetooth music streaming to your car without going to the extra cost of a new stereo system, the Roidmi 3S is a fantastic choice.

The $13 Roidmi 3S combines a Bluetooth FM Transmitter and a dual USB charger into a compact unit that plugs directly into your car’s 12V socket (aka cigarette lighter socket).

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