Porsche Panamera (2017) preview: A tantalising tech-fest

Say hello to Porsche’s new Panamera, shown off in all its glory at the Paris Motor Show 2016.

But let’s cut to the chase: the last Panamera was always a bit of a difficult car to look at. As one of the people we talked to in Paris said: “it looked like a dog doing its business”. And it’s certainly true to say that the Panamera’s rear aspect was difficult to get on with. It had a hunchback quality, to put it kindly. But to drive it. Well, that was the business – of a whole other kind.

Cut to 2016 and new Panamera (2017) feels much more palatable, much easier to get on with – aesthetically at least. Whisper it, but it almost feels like Porsche has been looking at the Tesla Model S – even the window line bears some similarity.


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