Old v new: 1996 Toyota Supra RZ v 2020 Toyota Supra GTS

Does the new Supra have enough in its genes to compare to the legend that is the JZA80?

This is no performance comparison, but rather a tear down memory lane, as two old mates talk team Toyota.

I’ll address this first point square on and upfront in the opening paragraph – I don’t care that the new Toyota Supra is a part-BMW half-breed.

In fact, neither does Shane Standley, the chap who brought along his apparent ‘real’ Supra, a series-two JZA80 RZ, for comparison’s sake.

For those who don’t know much about Toyota chassis codes, let’s quickly break down those numbers and letters. Toyota has always kept awesome technical identifiers, and you can tell a lot about an individual Toyota from just a string of letters.

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