Nissan Z Proto Revealed with Twin-Turbo 3.0L V-6, Six-Speed Manual

This production-intent preview of the upcoming 400Z proves that Nissan hasn’t given up on sports cars. The new model should go on sale in 2021.

The Z has always been an indicator of Nissan’s well-being. The 1970 240Z set the stage for the brand’s success throughout the decade, the 1990 300ZX showed the impressive engineering acumen Nissan would be known for in the ’90s, and the 2003 350Z ushered in a renaissance as Carlos Ghosn and his Renault-Nissan Alliance brought the company back from the brink. The current 370Z has withered, along with its parent company, over the past decade, leaving many to wonder if the Z had a future at all in the wake of Ghosn’s scandalous departure and the company’s financial struggles.

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