Mercedes-AMG GT R first drive: One ‘Green Hell’ of a car

GT R. If that’s a name that sounds familiar, it’s because you’ll normally find it attached to the boot-lid of Nissan’s fastest road car. But it’s also now attached to the most potent Mercedes-AMG.

Mercedes-AMG already has a GT model — which we drove last year — which was made one better with the hotter GT S. But what do you follow that with? The GT R of course.

That’s R for race. And, appropriately enough, we were at Silverstone race track to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Mercedes’ high-performance AMG brand. Having already sampled the new GT C (that’s C for convertible, by the way), and been going rather sideways in an E63S, the GT R — in its unmistakable “AMG Green Hell magno” paint scheme — is definitely the main event.

What is it though? Based on the regular and not exactly under-endowed AMG GT coupe, the GT R is a car that Mercedes is keen for us to attach the #beastofthegreenhell hashtag. That’s because it was extensively developed at the Nurburgring — the German race track, nicknamed the Green Hell by Jackie Stewart back in 1968.

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