Large luxury SUV review: 2020 Audi Q7 50TDI v Lexus RX450hL comparison

Go big or go home: Large luxury SUVs compared

If you’re after seven-seat practicality merged with luxury, technology and engines that aim to balance performance and efficiency, Audi and Lexus are competing for your money.

The Lexus RX hasn’t always been a completely natural rival for the seven-seater Audi Q7. Historically, the Japanese luxury SUV has been a five-seater that straddled the medium and large segments.

Lexus put that right in 2018 as part of an update for the fourth-generation RX, introducing an L variant with a longer body and two extra seats.

The RX has had another major update for 2020, neatly coinciding with a similarly revitalised Q7.

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