Lamborghini Urus: making a Super SUV possible

Lamborghini is a name mostly associated with sports cars. Or to be more specific, “super” sports cars. But once in a while, the marque decides to venture outside of its comfort zone, giving birth to vehicles like the LM002 “Lamborghini truck”. It is doing so once again, but, this time, it is pulling in all its history, its lessons, its heritage, what Lamborghini loves to call its “DNA”, to create a new car, even a new classification, for the modern market. That is the Urus, the world’s first ever, and so far only, “super” SUV.

Save for the offroad LM002, Lamborghini’s much-touted DNA is mostly made up of sports cars, where obsessed over things such as dynamics, design, and motion. Of course, those very same factors have to be considered in any car, especially “super” ones, but applying them to an SUV required the car maker to reframe those topics in a different light. Specifically, it had to look at those topics under the frame of versatility, combining both power and utility in one package.

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