Jaguar uses brain wave monitoring to keep drivers alert

Auto manufacturers are getting smarter all the time. Jaguar Land Rover has just created a car that can read your mind. The car won’t psychically take you to your destination, but it will hold your attention. The prototype feature, dubbed Mind Sense, measures brainwaves to monitor the driver’s concentration. It was developed as a safety technology research project, which has the overall goal of decreasing accidents on the road. Drivers whose concentration fades due to stress or distraction pose a real threat to others on the road. It doesn’t matter if a driver’s eyes are on the road, it just takes a daydream to keep him out of touch with surroundings–only to be yanked back by a car horn or an accident. Jaguar’s Mind Sense project found a way to tell whether the driver is paying attention or not based on his brain wave patterns.

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