Hyundai i30 N review: A surprise hot hatch star is born

We come screeching around the a corner of a track, warm rubber cutting the sidelines and barely keeping out of the gravel, before firing off down the straight in sixth gear and then quickly adjusting down to third for a tight cone-crafted chicane. In a Hyundai.

Yes, you read that correctly: Hyundai has created its first ever hot hatchback in the i30 N. In setting the tone of the all-new N performance brand, the i30 N isn’t cutting any corners (that was our accidental job while on lap four, oops) in giving the Korean maker a true Volkswagen Golf GTi competitor.

So how did Hyundai end up here? Well, the former BMW M-series boss was poached by the Korean brand and his focus seems clearly asserted. But by adding a German behind the scenes, does Hyundai stand a chance of getting you to put your money into the i30 N rather than handing it (almost ironically) to the German competition?

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