Honda HR-V v Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross v Subaru XV comparison

Small crossover SUVs with a predominantly urban focus have taken over the road. Just look around you. But the segment has splintered into a few directions exemplified by the trio you see here. They’re similar in most ways, but differ enough to corner specific subsets.

Newest is the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, cousin to the humdrum ASX, rocking more style and tech, and a far superior turbocharged engine, with an associated price premium.

Then there’s the rugged-looking Subaru XV, most like a conventional hatchback here, and yet the only car that can claim any real soft-road ability as a standard feature.

Finally, there’s the ever-popular Honda HR-V, a high-riding hatch that offers unparalleled cabin packaging and space, belying its diminutive dimensions.

Naturally, we’ll seek to determine a winner, but also explore where each contender shines, and what might be best for your particular needs.

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