Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight Equipped Touring Models – FIRST RIDE REVIEW

We brought the party. From the crevices of a damp, cold gas station emerged a loose collective of jubilant chemical enhancement enthusiasts. “One day he’ll have one of those,” the matriarch of the group wobbily spoke, pointing a finger over to the lanky individual in an Astro Van that was going nowhere fast. Even though they had nowhere to be, and no one to answer to, we were the ones that were free.

Harley-Davidson tourer on-road action

On the move on the new Milwaukee-Eight equipped Street Glide.

Why? Because we were on Harley-Davidsons. Because no other bike culturally represents “making it” quite like the bar and shield brand. To own one is to imbue yourself in the tradition of the American pioneer from pilgrims to astronauts. You set a goal, and you achieved it on your own terms. You don’t change, you change the world. And you chose a bike that does the same.

To make adjustments to this tried and true formula is akin to chiseling a new commandment into the twin tablets. To adding a face to Mount Rushmore. It threatens the allure that these bikes have held on so many levels.

This is the situation the new Milwaukee-Eight equipped touring models face. The bikes given the lofty mission of retaining the classic Harley look, sound, and feel, while bringing the experience forward into new regulatory and market environments.

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