Haojue HJ300 Patent May Preview A Future Suzuki GSX-S300

HaojueSuzuki‘s Chinese partner, has filed a design patent for a new naked motorcycle to be called the “HJ300“. Considering the fact Haojue manufactures the GW250GSX-250R and V-Strom 250 for Suzuki, the HJ300 may provide a preview of what a potential GSX-S300 may look like.

The patent drawings show a bike with an engine that looks nearly identical to the 248cc parallel-Twin powering the GSX-250R and V-Strom 250. The patent, filed with China’s State Intellectual Property Office by Haojue’s parent company Dachangjiang Group Co., states the design is for a motorcycle to be called the HJ300. The name follows the company’s typical codename structure, and the labels make clear this is a Haojue and not branded as a Suzuki.

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