BMW 530e plug-in hybrid preview: The best of both worlds?

The new BMW 5-Series is a car we already know to be talented. In our 5-star review of the upper-spec 530d, we said that, judged in isolation, it goes “straight to the top of the class”. That’s a class which includes the Mercedes E-Class, which when we tested it in 2016, felt like it had jumped forward two generations. So the 5-Series is good. Extremely good.

Problem is, if you’re a company car driver – and many people looking to buy a 5-Series are – then the 530d is probably off limits. As a 40 per cent tax payer, despite its relative frugality, you’re still looking at several grand a year going away from you to the tax man, for the benefit in kind (BIK) of your company providing you with a 530d.

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