Best used estate cars for less than £5,000/$6,600 (and the ones to avoid)

Even for £5000, you can have your pick of some exemplary used estate cars. Here are the models we recommend – along with the ones to steer clear of

*** Note : £1 = $1.32 (correct at time of post)

It’s an unfavourable thing to mention at this time of year, but Christmas displays have already started going up in supermarkets. Not only is this a stark reminder that the big day is nearly upon us, it is a reminder that you’ll need wheels with which to cram the family, presents and possibly even pets and in-laws. Some of you will need space for the tree as well and we’re sure that, unlike a real Christmas tree, you’ll want to keep the car afterwards.

But money is tight and blowing it now on something with four wheels instead of the ones you love will be frowned upon. You need something that is good value, cheap to run and capable of hoovering up people and luggage, then transporting them to far-flung areas to see extended family – whether you want to or not.

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