Audi SQ7 review: An insane sports car of an SUV

When Audi first launched the SQ7, a lot of people laughed. It was expensive and huge in size, perhaps a little out of character on the UK’s roads. But that SUV made its mark, popular for its luxe finish and the size, including the seven seats, in a category that’s seen no shortage of competition.

The new Audi Q7 launched in 2015, accompanied by the plug-in hybrid version, the Q7 e-Tron for those concerned about emissions. But now, for those not so concerned about emissions, and wanting power, power and yet more raw power, comes the Audi SQ7.

This is Audi’s super SUV. Loaded with performance stats that read like a sports car, spacious enough to live in, dripping in quality – the Audi SQ7 hides some quite delightful surprises.

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