Audi RS5 (2017) review: Pedal to the metal

Got a spare £60k/$90k rattling around in your pocket and want to buy a German sports car? There’s a new kid on the block: the Audi RS5. The souped-up Audi Sport version of the S5 coupe, the RS5 has the likes of the Mercedes AMG-C63 and BMW M4 Coupe directly in its sights.

Only something is different: the 2017 RS5 has ditched the outgoing model’s V8 engine in favour of a V6 twin-turbo, to the benefit of efficiency and emissions, but to the detriment of that distinctive sound. It’s a move that neighbouring German car-maker Porsche has already taken – so perhaps it’s no surprise that the engine found in this Audi is the very same one as co-developed with Porsche and found in the Panamera 4S – but also a move that may see petrol heads crying their eyes out at the prospect.

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