Audi RS4 review: Return of the fast estate king

Audi owns the fast estate car genre. Mercedes might make some enticing AMG-models which allow you to bring the dog and kids along, but no car defines that genre better than the Audi RS4.

From March 2018 the RS4 arrives in its fourth-generation guise, available in estate car-form only. It’s based on the A4 Avant that’s been around since 2016, but in the process of turning that into a fire-breathing 450-horsepower monster, the RS4 undergoes a Peter-Parker-becomes-Spiderman kind of morphosis.

You can recognise the original behind the mask, yet this is really a very different beast to the car on which it’s based. There are 19-inch alloys (or optional milled 20-inch versions), menacing black trim is applied left right and centre, it’s three centimetres wider than normal at the wheel arches thanks to squared-off “Quattro blisters”, and at the heart of the action is a 2.9 litre turbo-charged V6 engine.

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