2020 Toyota Supra vs. 1994 Toyota Supra Turbo: Reflections on a Japanese Performance Icon

The latest Supra is really good, but is it better than its legendary predecessor?

Dressed up like Lance Armstrong and pedaling a pricey carbon-fiber road bicycle for all it’s worth, a cyclist somehow finds the breath to compliment Aron Meystedt’s 25-year-old Toyota Supra. “Beautiful car,” he shouts as he flies past the pristine 1994 Supra Turbo. We’re a bit surprised. Over the last few hours, at least a dozen teens and twenty-somethings have walked right past Meystedt’s classic black sports coupe, giving it no more attention than they would a beige Camry, to shoot video of our bright red 2020 Toyota GR Supra. “Wow, the new Supra. This is the first one I’ve seen.”

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