2020 Toyota Land Cruiser vs. 2020 Toyota Sequoia: What’s the Difference?

To the casual observer, the fact that Toyota offers both the Land Cruiser and the Sequoia in the United States makes very little sense. Both are large body-on-frame SUVs, both use a 5.7-liter V8 engine and both offer room for up to eight passengers. It would seem, then, that one would only serve to cannibalize sales of the other. There’s more to the Land Cruiser than meets the eye, though. While both of these SUVs offer great reliability, the Land Cruiser is built to traverse the toughest terrain in the world, and Toyota has spared no expense in designing it this way. By comparison, the Sequoia is meant for lighter duty such as taking kids to and from practice and towing the boat to the lake on the weekends. Below we’ll compare these two vehicles more closely in a number of categories to help you better understand the differences between them.

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