2020 Subaru Legacy Proves That Sedans Aren’t Dead, They’re Improving

Redesigned and restyled, the Legacy gains athletic looks and a stiffer chassis while maintaining a comfortable ride.

Since Subaru took the Legacy wagon, lifted it, and slapped an Australian name on its butt for the 1996 model year, the whole Legacy line, which ditched the wagon in 2008, has been overshadowed by its off-roady counterpart, the Outback, and today’s ever-growing herd of crossovers and SUVs has done nothing to bolster the sedan’s visibility. Still, Subaru remains committed to its mid-size four-door, calling it an important part of the brand’s lineup. With the redesigned 2020 model, the Legacy joins the ranks of the 10Best award-winning Honda Accord, the boldly styled Hyundai Sonata, and the finally-not-boring Toyota Camry in further illustrating that sedans aren’t dead, they’re improving.

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