2020 Honda Clarity Review

There are two versions of the 2020 Honda Clarity, but there’s really only one that’s relevant for most drivers: the Clarity Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV). It’s also one of the most appealing in its rapidly expanding segment of vehicles that blend emissions-free electric driving with range-anxiety-free hybrid driving. Not only does it have more electric range than everything (unless you count the recently discontinued Chevrolet Volt), but it’s generally nicer to drive and has a richer, quieter cabin than others in the segment. Its price tag isn’t even that outrageous and it gets better when you consider hefty rebates.

Now, for the other version: the Clarity Fuel Cell. It’s a well-executed hydrogen-powered car, but it’s only available for lease in California … which is also the only place where you can realistically fill it with hydrogen. This car is really only relevant if you live in California and you’re interested in trying the novel fuel cell technology.

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