2020 BMW i8 Review

The 2020 BMW i8, in coupe or convertible form, is the supercar for people seeking something different, yet still with the ability to turn heads and the ability to attack corners. This is BMW’s vision of sustainable driving fun, wrapped up in an arguably gorgeous package.

The i8 looks like the wildest supercar this side of a Lamborghini. It’s even had a starring role in a “Mission: Impossible” movie (“Ghost Protocol”), but it’s a plug-in hybrid. However, the i8 isn’t the typical hybrid holding up a line of vehicles.

The whole car has been designed and built with an emphasis on keeping weight to a minimum. After all, mass blunts performance and hurts fuel efficiency. The i8 can therefore make the most of its battery power and, instead of having something like a V8 engine, it deploys a small 3-cylinder unit. Three cylinders in a supercar is previously unheard of, but it’s another indication of how the i8 plays to a different set of rules.

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