2020 Bentley Continental GT V8 Gives up Almost Nothing to the W12

The Continental GT’s huge dynamic improvements have closed the gap between the lightest and heaviest models.

UPDATE 9/10/2019: This review has been updated with test results for the Continental GT V8 coupe.

Bentley’s Continental GT is all new for 2020, and in addition to getting prettier and even more luxurious, it once again offers two engine choices. The bigger, 12-cylinder option costs $16,100 more than the entry-level eight-cylinder and makes 84 more horsepower. In the luxury space, where customers love more car, more engine, and—likely above all else—think a bigger price tag means it is better, it would seem that the Continental GT’s optional engine is the only one worth considering. Forget the weaker, smaller, and—whisper it, people—cheaper V-8.

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