2019 Yamaha R3 Preview : Yamaha updates the R3 to join the R World

Prior to the company’s presentation at AIMExpo, Yamaha released details of a revised 2019 Yamaha R3. A welcome upgrade for the smallest R in the lineup, as the model hasn’t undergone any major revisions since its inception in 2015. Though we weren’t surprised to learn Yamaha had stuck with its 321cc Twin, rather than going nose-to-nose in the displacement wars with its green rival. Thanks to our staff super sleuth, we were expecting the R3 to undergo some significant changes for the new model year.

Most noticeable from first glance of course, is the styling. The YZF-R3 has received a new fairing and windscreen said to be derived from Yamaha’s M1 MotoGP bike and YZF-R1Msibling.

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