2019 Suzuki Jimny Review — International

Suzuki hasn’t dropped the ball with its fourth-generation Jimny. In fact, it might be the best small 4×4 we’ve ever driven

What we liked:

• Tonnes of character

• Fantastic off-road talents

• Much better on-road than before

Not so much:

• Slightly vague steering

• Unusual cornering manners

• 1.5-litre engine can get loud

How do you reinvent a legend? That was enormous task Suzuki had to tackle when it came time to create its fourth-generation Jimny 4×4. So the Japanese company looked to all three of the Jimny’s predecessors, dating right back to 1970, for inspiration – and come up with a hugely appealing box-on-wheels that is both suitably retro and charmingly modern. Best of all, advancements in onboard and chassis technology mean that not only is the new Suzuki Jimny as ridiculously capable off-road as it has ever been, it’s now also a whole lot better to drive on the road too.

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