2019 Hyundai Venue Review — International

Hyundai’s all-new small SUV, Venue, has a weird name but is it set to redefine entry-level motoring?

After generations of baby hatchbacks that stretch back to its original Excel, Hyundai’s starter car is about to become an SUV — the Venue. Revealed at the New York motor show this month, the all-new Venue small SUV will replace the ancient Accent at the bottom of the Hyundai line-up. Although it’s unlikely to get close to the current Accent base price of $15,490, the target is something around — or under — $18,000. Based on a brief preview drive of a pre-production model at the South Korean brand’s Namyang test centre, the shape of entry-level motoring in Australia is set for a seismic shift. The Hyundai Venue is upright and boxy, but drives tight and with more vigour than expected. Compared with the Accent, there is no comparison.

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