2019 Honda Passport First Drive: 5-seat SUV with off-road style

Few cars fill their niche quite so completely as the 2019 Honda Passport. Riding high on record US passenger car sales, Honda’s attention has turned to the growing midsize SUV category where the pickings are rich if you get the packaging right, but fierce competition leaves little margin for error. Go big, go bold, or go home.

The Passport is no “four-door sports coupe-sedan crossover” designed to squeeze a few thousand extra sales out of the minute gray-area between existing models. Slotting in-between the smaller, less powerful CR-V, and the larger, three-row Pilot, this newest SUV is designed to staunch a leak in Honda’s customer base. Around 35,000 buyers per year defect from the automaker, looking for a two-row, five-seat midsize SUV.

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