2019 Honda Monkey Review: Hey! Hey! It’s The Monkey! (14 Fast Facts)

Spearheading Honda’s efforts to build new audiences for its motorcycles is its 125cc triumvirate of the Grom, Super Cub C125, and Monkey.

For our first ride on the Monkey, Honda presented the little guy in the sleepy town of Avalon on Catalina Island off the Southern California coast.

We’ll do some more extensive testing of the 2019 Honda Monkey when we get it on the mainland, but we couldn’t wait to give your our first impression!

1. The Honda Mini Trail motorcycle is back—aimed squarely at licensed motorcyclists this time, but bringing out the kid in all of us. The original Honda Mini Trail 50 family of the 1960s and ’70s was targeted at kids and looked more like toy dirt bikes, even though many versions were street-legal. Everything is in perfect proportion on the new 125cc 2019 Honda Monkey, so an average sized adult can comfortably ride it.

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