2018 Volvo V90 review

For most, the idea of driving a station wagon evokes thoughts of the Wagon Queen Family Truckster and the horrors of pre-smartphone family vacations. It’s quite the hard sell, given America’s absolute obsession with crossovers. It’s like trying to teach a dog to meow.

Despite this, wagons are still kicking around. On the affordable side, you have the Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen and, um, that’s about it at the moment. But, if you’re looking to spend north of $50,000 on a station wagon, the possibilities expand to Brobdingnagian proportions — you can choose from three: The Mercedes-Benz E-ClassJaguar XF Sportbrake and this Volvo V90.

Provided you can put down the crossover Kool-Aid for a moment, you’ll find that the V90 impresses with its great looks, solid driving dynamics and ample complement of the latest tech for both driver and passengers. At the absolute minimum, this wagon will help you stand out from the cookie-cutter crossover contingent.

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