2018 Suzuki GSX250R Review

New for the 2018 model year, Suzuki has released its quarter-liter sportbike, the GSX250R. Some may say Suzuki is a bit late to the game and ask: Why not a 300? In fact, everywhere I have ridden the GSX250R, fellow motorcycle enthusiasts have asked that question. Suzuki reps tiptoed around that elephant in the room and were quick to mention performance isn’t the main selling point with 250cc motorcycles, even to the point of not providing horsepower or torque numbers. They insisted price, style, practicality, and ease of ownership are where customers are making decisions when purchasing these bikes.

In my opinion, Suzuki has done a great job hitting their intended marks. The new $4,499 GSX250R is a looker. From the GSX-R-derived headlight and taillight to the sweeping aerodynamic lines of the fairings, the little Suzuki carries styling reminiscent of a much bigger and more expensive motorcycle. The 17-inch, 10-spoke rims look great, and the LCD display makes the GSX250R feel a step ahead of the class in terms of finish detailing.

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