2018 Mercedes-Benz S350d technology, drive review: Enter, royalty

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has been a benchmark of accomplishment and excellence since time immemorial. The three-pointed star on the bonnet, the sweeping elegance and the princely stature of the car that has so often been proclaimed as the ‘best car in the world’ is a sight to wake up to. Sure, the best seat is at the back, but take the wheels, and the S-Class cocoons you in a sense of opulence, confidence and magic unlike no other.

We, however, had a task at hand – be objective and ‘review’ the Mercedes-BenzS350d. It is the base trim of the S-Class, but in no way do you feel like there’s something missing from here. And base trim it may be, but that doesn’t stop it from being adored and admired wherever it goes. So, when we eventually got over admiring it from all angles, we got down to the task at hand with the objective of the day.

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