2018 Hyundai i30 N “more suitable” for racetracks and “more fun” than Golf GTI

The boss of Hyundai’s N division says that the upcoming i30 N is better suited to regular track days and is more fun to drive than its direct rival, the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

Responding to questions from the Australian media at the Detroit motor show today, head of Hyundai N and former head of BMW’s M division, Albert Biermann, said the whole idea of going out with the brand’s first N model was to produce something more track focused and more fun to drive, rather than the softer approach offered by its German rival.

“It’s a matter of if you launch your first car, what character do you give to your first car, how do you go out there in the marketplace, what do you stand for?” Biermann said.

“For the [i30] N we clearly wanted it to have closer [suitability] to the track than a Golf GTI. I mean there can be GTIs that are suitable for track driving but if you take a standard GTI, it’s not like that, but with the N we clearly want to be more suitable for track driving than GTI and give it more character and most important thing, give it much, more fun to drive.”

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