2018 Honda Civic Si Coupe Review

The Honda Civic has been around for the last 45 years, and boy has it been a rollercoaster ride. Some of the more recent generations are considered flops, while others are regarded as much more. For 2016, Honda introduced the tenth-generation Civic, a model designed around Honda’s new compact global platform, featuring a fastback design and some serious improvement to the interior over previous models. Best of all, the Civic Type R hatchback is finally coming to the U.S., but so is a new Si. The new Si comes with a turbocharged engine for the first time ever, displacing 1.5-liter and delivering 205 horsepower. It’s a few ponies short of what everyone hoped for, but not all is lost. It also gets its own styling cues to set it apart, not only from the standard Civic but, from the Type R as well, making it a well-rounded model even if it doesn’t balance well between the standard Civic and Range-topping Type R.

Long story short, the new Si is the torquiest Si ever made. It weighs a bit less and includes more upscale features like active shock absorbers. There’s even a limited-slip differential turning the front wheels.

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