2018 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports First Ride Review

When I first laid eyes on the 2018 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports at the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show, I thought to myself, “Dang that’s a nice paint job and I love the white frame, but man, what a long name.” After talking to some Honda reps about the bike’s intended place in the market and in its own line-up, I left the conversation a bit more confused than when I had started. You see, the Africa Twin Adventure Sports is aimed to more directly compete with the bigger adventure motorcycles that publications and consumers alike, were already comparing it to.

The new AT AS would offer longer distance touring capability as well as what would be perceived as more off-road-worthy accoutrements. We have seen other manufacturers take adventure bike platforms and aim one model solely at street performance and the other at more off-road focused duty, so where does the Africa Twin Adventure Sports land? Honda says to think of it more as an “SP” model off sorts, referring to the upgraded CBR1000RR SP.

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