2018 Holden Calais-V Tourer v Subaru Outback 3.6R Comparison

Sunny days at the beach, camping trips at the weekend, making new paths to new destinations. Not quite what you’d expect a humble station wagon to do, yet for years Aussie families did just that with trusty and rugged Kingswoods and Falcons.

Fast-forward to the present and times have changed. SUVs roam the land promising go-anywhere capability (often without actually delivering it), commanding visibility, and added versatility.

There might still be life in old-fashioned wagons yet. At least, there seems to be once they’ve put on their hiking boots, as is the case with Holden’s new Calais-V Tourer and Subaru’s well known and loved Outback.

Both are almost traditional wagons in terms of form factor, but with SUV flourishes including black bumper

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