2018 Energica Eva EsseEsse9 First Ride Review

Energica made e-bike waves in 2013 when it let us ride the prototype of its Ego electric superbike that reached production in 2014, the year we tested a production version of the Ego. Boasting 136 hp and 144 lb-ft. of torque with a claimed 150-mph top speed, the Italian-designed Ego was fast and thrilling, to be sure. But its claimed 584-lb weight made it really heavy for a superbike, and its $34,000 MSRP destined it only for spots in the well-stocked garages of well-heeled enthusiasts. It fitted into a niche within a niche.

Then came Energica’s Eva, which took the Ego’s platform and made it into a standard-ish naked sportybike that was more usable in most street conditions. Former editor Tom Roderick tested the Eva in 2016 and came away with many favorable impressions, but he lamented its $34,500 price and the fact that its motor offered less power than the Ego’s, at 107 hp (80 kw) and 133 lb-ft (180 Nm) of torque, while retailing for the same price. For 2018, the Eva 80 will be joined by the Eva 107, which features the Ego’s full-power.

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