2017 Yamaha SCR950 Review

The retro war is heating up as more and more manufacturers jump into the fray, and Yamaha finally takes the plunge with its new-for-2017 SCR950 scrambler. Based on the Star Bolt, this bike runs the same proven 942 cc mill with a decidedly classic overallpanache dating back to the original scramblers of the ’60s and ’70s.

The scrambler revival is just one part of the burgeoning interest in retro-style bikes, with cafe’ racers and UJM othervariants also enjoying a comeback. I would argue, though, that the recent spike in popularity of the dual-sport and adventure-bike models may be a boon for the grand-daddy of dual-surface rides, and make its resurgence even more relevant. I must confess that I have an affinity for scramblers, and I already know the Bolt is a heck of a bike, even if it is, shall we say, veryflattering to a certain Sportster currently on the market, so it is with high expectations that I approach The Tuning Fork Company’s new foray into scrambler territory.

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