2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack Review: The would-be crossover killer

Crossovers are everywhere, but the 2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack is choosing to see that as a big potential audience rather than an insurmountable problem. Convincing drivers to give up their sleeker SUVs and give a station wagon a chance is no small challenge, though. So, just as if you want a cat to swallow a pill you have to either rub its throat until it acquiesces or bury the medication in a mound of delicious treats, VW has opted for a mixed strategy when it comes to feeding Americans a wagon.


On the encouragement side, there’s the 2017 Golf Alltrack’s reasonably competitive price. Undercutting – for the most part – the typical all-wheel drive fare of crossovers and compact SUVs, the $26,950 starting price isn’t eye-watering, though tick the options and it’ll spiral up past the $30k mark. The biggest problem is Subaru, of course, whose Outback is bigger than the Alltrack and similarly priced if not a little cheaper, trim depending.

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