2017 Toyota Highlander review

I have not cheered the recent development of safety technology such as forward collision warning in cars. My thought has always been that those nannies are for people who don’t pay attention. I don’t need a baby sitter behind the wheel. However, one of those electronic nannies in the 2017 Toyota Highlander helped me see the light.

Last week I fired up the Highlander, Toyota’s three-row crossover, placed my trusty Super Big Gulp in the cup holder and started along my merry way. After taking a sip of my soda, I aimed my SBG (as I lovingly call it) at the cup holder, except it got caught on the little lever that allows for multiple sized cups. I looked down as I accelerated, just as the car ahead stopped suddenly.

2017 Toyota Highlander

The forward collision warning light and alarm went off and the Highlander precharged the brakes. I looked up, yelled a string of NSFW expletives and felt the ABS pulsing as I slammed on the brakes, bringing me to a stop millimeters from the lead car’s bumper.

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