2017 Mercedes-AMG GT Review

G-Power is known within automotive and aftermarket circles for being a progressive tuner that isn’t afraid to take on high-profile vehicles, mostly of the BMW variety. But every so often, G-Power goes outside of its own hen house to tackle other German brands and such is the case this time with its new program for the Mercedes-AMG GT. Truth be told, the German tuner has been dipping into the Silver Arrows well quite often in recent months, having given us tuning kits for the AMG G63and the AMG S63. It’s nice to see G-Power keep up that form with this AMG GT kit that ramps up the output of the German sports car to an impressive 610 horsepower.

Keeping with its history of building meaningful kits for performance cars, G-Power’s work on the AMG GT largely revolves around the coupe’s 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine. Sure, there are auxiliary upgrades added into the mix, but this kit is pretty much focused on that V-8 engine and that’s a good thing considering that the power gains amount to an increase of 148 ponies over the sports coupe’s standard power figure of 462 horses.

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