2017 KTM 1090 Adventure R Vs. KTM 1190 Adventure R

There comes a time in our lives when we find ourselves looking to purchase a new motorcycle, whether new to us or brand-spanking new from the showroom. But, wait, is that model due for an update? Should you wait for the new one or buy an older model to save some cash?

When KTM rolled out its lineup of V-Twin Adventure models for 2017, we were surprised the excellent 1190 models were dropped in favor of a 1290 R and the touring-oriented 1290 T, along with the new (to our market) 1090 R, which retails for $14,699. That left the $16,799 1190 R, the winner of our epic Wire-Wheel Adventure Shootout, out of KTM’s 2017 lineup.

To be fair, having a 1090, 1190, and 1290 would have been a bit much, so KTM expanded the gap by dropping out the 1190 models. As an owner of an 1190 R, that means that my beloved motorcycle got the boot. Did that leave me with an obsolete, defunct, and worthless old model? Hardly.

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