2017 Honda Civic Hatchback First Drive

Launching a hatchback in a country traditionally skeptical about the 5-door might seem an unenviable challenge, but Honda sees the 2017 Civic Hatchback as an opportunity to reframe the body-style as more about sport than boring practicality. Third in the 10th generation Civic line-up to reach the US, the new Civic Hatchback targets a small but growing subsection of compact car buyers: Honda says they’re image-oriented, usually male, and relying on their daily-drivers to keep up with an active, outdoor lifestyle. That makes it the perfect place to launch the new Sport and Sport Touring trims in the Civic range.

The Hatchback shares its platform with the Civic Sedan but, externally, everything from the B-pillar back is new sheet metal. That means the wheelbase and track are the same, but rear overhang has been trimmed by 4.3-inches. It pushes the rear wheels further out to the corners of the car, improving its stance from the rear-three-quarter view.


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