2017 Harley-Davidson Road King & Road King Special Review

The Road King has long been an alternative for Harley-Davidson riders who want a tour-capable bike sansbarn-door fairing. It keeps getting better in the 2017 model year with the new Milwaukee-Eight engine and a special trim package called — wait for it — the Road King Special. Updated looks and performance are the main selling points here, over and above the usual litany of reasons to consider the Road King, and the recent demise of Victory Motorcycles makes this ride even more important to H-D in the long run.


Harley-Davidson Road King & Road King Special

(Road King Special)

My husband is not a fan of the early Road Kings. He says they look like someone partially disassembled an FLT and marketed it as a net-new bike. That and it was ugly, unfinished and his absolute least favorite of Harley’s offerings. Let me be clear, I like the Road King; but even if you agree with TJ, this is not that Road King.

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